Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunbaking at Tescos

A miracle happened today – the sun shone on us with enough intensity to actually feel it’s warmth! Yes, if you’re familiar with the English winter, you will know that it is indeed a miracle! It is a very bizarre thing, to go outside on a very sunny day with blue sky, but to feel nothing but bloody freezing in your body – absolutely no sunshine to be felt, even though it is shining ever so brightly! There have been a few times when I have ventured outside with excitement because I’ve seen blue sky and sunshine from the comfort of my living room window, only to be completely let down and confused about why it is still so cold! Well today on our lunch break, we ACTUALLY felt the sun on our skin as we walked out of Tescos (English supermarket). We were stopped in our tracks, sat on a rail and soaked in the warm rays. Ok, so I’m being really corny, but honestly I have been craving that feeling so much and the winter blues have been really getting to me! I think I can speak for Tim too when I say this, that it has affected him just as much! We have discovered, that this is a country we could definitely not live in permanently simply because of the weather! As we move into the end of Winter, we welcome the days where you can get up at 8am with there being light outside and the sun still up and shining after 4pm. It’s time for a season change!