Thursday, June 4, 2009

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judith said...

Hi guys, I just want to congratulate you, because you have had the courage to open this mysterious, but exciting door ... leave home to venture into unknown places, full of fascinating culture, magnificent architecture and history that is just crossing the sea .... .... the fact of waking up in a country and live life day by day in a place that is not your house leave lots of unerasable experiences. Your thoughts are very insightful and I am sure that your life will not be the same. Front of you there are many indescribable moments, feelings and emotions that lead to mature in many aspects such as individual beings and as a couple u'll surprised to discover that in this incredible experience will not only know the world, you wil learn and know a lot about you.... ... Take care, enjoy every breath every sight, every smell, everything is so different ........ good on you!!! and good luck!
Sal we didn't have the placer to meet so hoping we can make it when you will be back.
Tim hoping these lines make sense for u guys, just remember I'm still learning English.
Judith AR

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