Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wine can only be described as 'bottled poetry'

So, on our second day of job hunting in late Nov last year, we both scored a Christmas temp job without any interview….sweet! It was only 3 weeks work, but hey, it was on the phones taking incoming wine sales calls for the second biggest wine distributor in the world – Laithwaites wine…how hard could it be! We definitely didn’t expect to get work so quickly, but were pretty happy to be recouping some dosh straight away. So after 2 days training (the standard is 2 weeks), we were on the phone to customers taking their Christmas orders. We pretty much loved the job instantly….maybe at the point that we found out we would be getting 40% discount off wine and regular tastings whilst on the phone to customers! We made it known (not so subtly) that we were keen to continue working after Christmas and were stoked to be selected to stay on with guaranteed work until the end of March. So, needless to say our wine consumption since November has increased considerably but it is a little hard to resist quality bottles that we can get for under 10 Aussie bucks! We bought 30 bottles and 4 magnums just before Christmas and I'm not even going to mention how many we have got through. Most of them Tim has drunk anyway! lol. Honestly, the wine we have been able to try has been absolutely incredible! Up until this point, we haven’t really tried a lot of wine from outside of Australia and New Zealand, but we are discovering that there are some pretty special wines from around the world to be experienced. I say ‘experienced’ for a reason, because wine is about so much more than the taste! The only way I can really describe it is ‘wine is poetry in a bottle’….unfortunately I can’t take credit for that quote, but I read it somewhere recently and thought ‘yes!!’ that is exactly what it is. There is so much complexity in wine and it is a real buzz for us to be learning more about it. There are not many things in this world that have been created for pure enjoyment (other than chocolate of course!), but wine is one of them and we are just a little bit happy that we can be on the receiving end of that enjoyment. Our current favourites are from the Rioja region in Spain and Puglia in Italy.

When we reflect on our discussions for 2 years leading up to this trip when we said what we really wanted to do was experience the world through food and wine, we feel pretty blessed to have these jobs.



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Cool! So glad you're having fun guys, x Carla

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