Sunday, May 16, 2010

A little detour from the European Odyssey

Tomorrow we fly to Los Angeles where we will begin our 7 week detour. You might already be aware that we were meant to fly to the US from Oz as the first stop for our trip in April last year but we were rudely interrupted by my hip injury and surgery. It has been a very looooong drawn out rehab and a few weeks ago we decided that it was time to start travelling again. With the US conversion of the Aussie dollar being pretty good, it was a case of ‘what the heck…let’s do it!’ Oh and the fact that we needed and still need sunshine desperately!!

So the plan is….3 days in LA to get our bearings, then we hire a very funky airbrushed campervan for 28 days which we will drive north along the California coast to San Francisco, visit the wine regions, then drive back down through the national parks (Yosemite etc), head to Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon, San Diego (and all the places in between). We will be back in LA or the surrounding area for a few days before we fly to New York where we will spend about 12 days, then fly back to the UK. So…7 weeks in total and a lot of detail to fill in which we will try and do along the way. With a campervan as our accommodation and transport for most of the time, our access to the internet will be limited, but we will do our best to keep you updated.



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