Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Penguin Bars No Substitute for Tim Tams

So before coming here, I was concerned about having withdrawals from Tim Tams, considering I had at least 2 every day! I had several English friends who told me to try Penguin Bars, that they are actually better than Tim Tams. Well surprisingly, I actually came to terms with not having Tim Tams for a while until the other day when I was craving one and decided to try a Penguin Bar instead. Suffice to say, they are terrible!!! An Aussie version of homebrand Tim Tams.

I guess the good ol' Arnott's Tim Tams will always have my heart.

Anyone fancy bringing me some?? ;-)


Anonymous said...

You can buy Tim Tams at a lot of the stores in the UK, because there are so many Aussies there. My sis says every Tesco's in London seems to have them - Pete Caporaso

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