Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craving stillness - literally!

Ahhh! We’ve had hardly any sleep and we’re so tired! We hit the worst of the weather at about 3am this morning with a 9-10 metre swell!! The waves were crashing against the ship so hard, that we heard loose cargo clanging and banging around underneath us. It was so loud that it made our whole cabin shake! Little did we realise, that we were placed in a room near the front of the boat that apparently bares the brunt of the turbulent waves. It was worse than any turbulence we’ve ever experienced in a plane, plus we had that giddy, negative G stomach thing going on! So yes, we were feeling pretty sick however we have managed so far to avoid driving the porcelain bus – just! Lol. Thankfully after that episode we were moved to a better cabin at the back of the boat which had a little less sway. It was a significant difference.

This arvo the Captain announced our delayed arrival would only be 2 hours instead of the original 24. Yeeew! Thank God! We haven’t been handling the motion sickness all that well (can you tell? ;-) and can’t wait to set foot on dry land in Spain in the morning.


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