Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sea legs and stomach...

So here we are, we have boarded the ferry and we are on our way to Spain. The weather forecast is lousy and as a result we will be arriving 24 hours later, meaning we have about 65 hours of rocking and our insides doing somersaults! So much for ‘big ship, smooth sailing’! It sort of feels like you’ve had way too much to drink without touching a single drop (thankfully)– we have been ‘dancing around’ our cabin, with the sudden urge of needing to sit/lay down and QUICK! Hmmm, we may be driving the porcelain bus sometime on this trip ;-) Not sure if travel sickness tablets are going to cure this one!

Maybe the fact that our stomachs were already churning before getting on the ferry had something to do with it – because we lost our compact digi camera today! Well, it was today that we discovered it was missing anyway. The only possible explanation that we have come up with is that I (Sal) was pick pocketed at Heathrow airport on Sunday! Grrr! So we’ve made a police report and hopefully we can claim that one back on our insurance. It was a stressful day looking for it and we are pretty disappointed that we’re not going to have a ‘point and shoot’ for the Spain/France leg of our trip. What a lesson eh! Normally, our awareness is heightened when it comes to protecting our things while travelling, but because we were picking up friends from the airport, we weren’t in travel mode and I guess our guards were down. Can’t believe how professional those pick pocketers are! I remember someone bumping into me, but I didn’t think anything of it. You live and learn. Lucky for us, all our pics were uploaded to our pc and we didn’t lose any precious memories. After all, things can always be replaced.

Back to the ferry….tonight we thought we’d cruise into the show bar for some entertainment titled ‘Broadway’. Well needless to say, it lived up to the cruise ship reputation of being extremely cheesy but it was a good laugh nonetheless. We had performance snippets from Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Hey Big Spender, Footloose and We Will Rock You. Singing was out of tune, dancing out of time and the cast was made up of colourful characters – I’m sure you can imagine our amusement!

We’re off to bed now, hoping we will actually get to have some sleep tonight because the boat is a rockin!


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