Thursday, August 26, 2010

Appreciating our freedom

Prague is definitely the most stunning city that we have ever seen, such a medieval feast for the eyes and being there is like wandering through a fairytale land. Behind the veil of beauty though, is a city (and country) with scars. There are the obvious wounds of war and the hardship war creates, but what we learned, was that up until only 20 years ago, the people lived under a ruthless communist rule. After our visit to the Communist Museum, we really grasped for the first time how oppressive this political ideology is and just how much it robs people of their freedom, of identity, of personal expression and achieving their personal dreams. On top of all that we learned and had seen in the last few weeks in relation to war, Governments and people’s suffering, we felt so deeply appreciative for the freedom that we as Australians have enjoyed for generations. The challenge for us, especially when we return home, is to use our freedom wisely, with great intention and to guard ourselves from one of freedom’s major enemies – apathy.


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