Friday, August 27, 2010

My love-hate relationship with our blog

I decided to write a blog quite a while before we began this adventure because I wanted to keep a record of our journey, not only to share with you, but also for ourselves, to keep and read for years to come. It’s something that I’m still fully committed to doing, but being on the road full time has made me realize just how time consuming it is which often makes it feel like a burden. I often draw blanks while writing because all I want to be doing is living the experience, not writing about it. The other part of me loves writing and realizes that reflecting is as important as the experience itself.

I have been reading other travel blogs recently and reassessing my own style, wondering if I really need to cover in detail each place that we visited. Instead, maybe just the highlights, important moments, learning and reflection would suffice. The plan is to develop my writing, maybe using less words and summarizing more, while still giving you enough detail to continue living this journey with us. In a nutshell, you may find the blog has a different feel as I navigate through the labyrinth of travel writing styles. It would be great to hear what you think, particularly of the latest few posts that are a little bit shorter. What style do you prefer? What have you enjoyed reading so far? What elements about any blog make you want to read them? Share your thoughts in a ‘comment’. You may also be wondering why you haven’t heard much from Tim….well, he keeps saying that I am much better at blogging. Please know though, that he does contribute to the content of almost every post, but I will keep chipping away at him and maybe eventually he will write a few more. You should definitely get a post from him after our personal guided tour of the Audi R8 Factory in a couple of week’s time.


Martin Humpolec said...

Good point and quite normal. When we travelled with Jana, she was usually the one who did the "in-depth" writting about all the stuff around and so on. I prefer write about highlights and some tips or interesting things that happened. I saw it in some travel books as well - girls usually write about everything while guys sumarize it in two sentences.
Anyway, it is mainly for my reference and people around me just love to know anything and don't care too much about what they get. If someone want to know more, they'll ask.
Look at my writting about New Zealand (the older are in English) at

Tim and Sal said...

Appreciate the feedback Martin :-) It's funny coz one of the reasons that Tim doesn't like blogging is because he usually covers every single detail in a story so he's worried that posts will be twice as long as mine!! Guess it's not always a guy thing to summarise after all ;-)

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