Sunday, September 12, 2010

Germany's best kept secret

Is definitely the wine! Ok, so it may not be a secret for some Europeans, but good German wine is unheard of in Australia, which is definitely a pity. In the last couple of days, we stayed in a small village called Heinsheim in southern Germany especially for the Audi R8 factory tour. What was an added bonus, was the food and wine we tried here – at a restaurant which had been recommended by a local guy, Tim had steak served traditionally, with caramelized onions and a special dark sauce (no idea what was in it, but it tasted so good!). I ate delicately spiced white fish cooked so perfectly it literally melted in my mouth. The thing to utterly rave about though, was the wine that we tried. Firstly, we could not believe that ¼ litre glasses were all under 3 Euro and so we tried 2 whites, a red and a rose. Every single sip of all four wines was different, but equally delicious. The two reislings were fragrant, fruity, smooth and refreshing with a flavour different to what we’ve tried before. The red was full bodied and so easy to drink while the rose was what surprised us the most….shocked us actually. On the nose, it smelled exactly like a really strong blue cheese. Although we really like most blue cheeses, a wine that smelled like it was so strange it was almost off putting at first. The moment it slid onto our palate however, was when the shock hit. WOW!!! I wouldn’t say it was an outstanding wine, but it was completely drinkable and so interesting that it made you want to keep drinking it for that fact alone. We were stoked to find out that we could buy the wine by the bottle at an absolute bargain, so we walked away with the red and a reisling.

Before this road trip, we tried a German Riesling in the UK through our jobs with Laithwaites as well as a Gwertztraminer (German grape) when we were in California. The quality and amazing taste of German wine has never really hit home until now. I think we may just be announcing this secret to the world.


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