Monday, October 11, 2010

Life is Full of Possibilities

tWhen you travel, you discover a different realm of possibility….you see how other people live, what they value and the differences between another culture and your own. You are surrounded by sights, smells and tastes that not only are a feast for your senses, but they send your imagination running wild, far beyond what can be experienced when living in complete familiarity. Every day you experience something new, meet fascinating characters, engage in very interesting people-watching and try foods with colours, textures and flavours that blow your mind. Conversations with locals and travelers alike tend to be less about mundane topics and more about cultural differences, language, creativity, dreams and potential. Your mind is expanded, leaving you feeling extremely inspired and believing that much more is possible than what you had imagined before leaving your home soil. You realise there are so many more alternative ways to live your life and your options are limitless!



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