Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Love for Photography

It was at Nishta that we met Dan, from Perth, who ended up joining us for drinks at a very funky outdoor bar right on the edge of the cliff face on the outside of the city walls. We sat, overlooking the adriatic waters as the sun began to set and one of the many things we talked about was our common interest in photography. Of course it’s not difficult to find a traveler who is passionate about photography simply because it’s impossible not to be when your surroundings are screaming to be photographed. We hung out with Dan again the following morning when we visited ‘War Photo Limited’, a gallery showcasing images from modern wars around the world including Iraq, Yugoslavia & Africa. Here we not only saw the work of incredibly talented photographers, but the images themselves were deeply moving, shocking and confronting. One in particular, a soldier was diving for cover, dodging a bullet that the photographer managed to capture in mid flight and another of a man leaping for his life as he escaped a bomb blast. We couldn’t believe the intensely dangerous circumstances these photographers were willing to place themselves in to take such incredible pictures. It spoke to us of extreme dedication and selflessness to tell the real story of war.
The cliffside cafe



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