Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mad About Figs

We pretty much discovered figs the day after we entered Croatia and continued to eat them fresh throughout our time there. But, it was in Dubrovnik that we first tried them in the most delectable dessert! Figs soaked in Croatian sweet wine topped with cinnamon marscapone cream!! Mmmmm! The vegetarian restaurant where we ate this little gem became our saving grace for food in Croatia! The place was given the name ‘Nishta’, meaning ‘nothing’ because before opening, local Croats were struck with confusion and asked the question “If they are not going to serve meat, what will they serve, nothing?” Lets just say that vegetarian restaurants are pretty much unheard of in this country.

The food at Nishta was incredible and it rescued us from the indentical menus of southern Croatia and from overdosing on shrimp risotto. We ate at Nishta four times in the four days we were in Dubrovnik, sampling most items on the menu and savoured every last delicious mouthful of food originating from India, Morocco, Turkey, Mexico and Thailand.


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