Thursday, October 14, 2010

A makeshift bed

Sad to leave the beauty of Croatia and it’s sunshine, but awaiting our return to Italy, we boarded the overnight ferry, preparing in our minds to set up our bed on a long bench seat in the bar. Our ideas of sprawling out and getting comfortable were very quickly crushed when we saw that the once bench seats had been divided into single seats using immovable boards. DOH!! It was pretty obvious that ‘Jarolijna Ferries’ was trying really hard to make sleeping in the bar area so difficult, so people would pay double the price for a dog box cabin. Of course we didn’t succumb to that…..instead, we created a makeshift sleeping quarters in a corner on the floor with our sleeping bags and pillows. In full view of bar staff and customers, laying on a carpeted concrete surface and using our eye masks to block the glaring light, it seemed like a perfectly acceptable place to sleep under the circumstances. We definitely drew some attention and we could tell as people passing said goodnight to us that they wish they’d done the same thing and saved the money. A win for us!


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