Friday, October 15, 2010

Nearly shit my pants!

We arrived on the Amalfi Coast in the middle of a major thunderstorm, with the rain pelting our windscreen so hard we couldn’t see a thing, wipers were useless and eventually we were forced to pull over, or crash. The extremely narrow roads, the sheer cliff drop off on one side and sharing the road space with full size tourist coaches was not particularly helpful either! On an obviously fragile and dangerous route, we couldn’t believe the size of the vehicles that were allowed to drive on this road. As a passenger sitting in the middle of road in our right-hand drive car, it was not much fun to have oncoming cars, buses and trucks, taking up the whole road swerving to pass at the last minute like a game of chicken. Italian drivers lived up to their reputation and demonstrated no fear, only simple insanity. I do not have enough fingers on both hands to count how many times my heart was in my mouth. Thankfully, I escaped shitting my pants. A driving experience not for the faint hearted.
Not the best pic, but you get the idea


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